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Let me begin by saying I just love to sew, and I find color and fabrics, quite fascinating. I have been sewing for decades, beginning in 7th grade. I was blessed with a Grandmother that also loved to sew, and had a little shop making aprons and bandages for the Red Cross in the 1940's. What she created out of a flat piece of material, just got me hooked. She had the old Singer treadle machine that was quite popular in those days, and to this day I still think of her when I look at the planter it has become, in my home. What a conversation piece! She always said her money saved was close to her heart, not in the bank. When she passed, her savings were wrapped up in a roll of paper patterns, by an elastic, and placed in one of the drawers of her Singer sewing machine, That says it all. 

Young Sondra SewingWhen I was young and raising a large family, I did not have time to chase my dreams, nor did I have time on my hands. I did make several outfits by hand stitching any cloth I could get my hands on, even retired dresses from friends and family members. Rather than toss them, I made beautiful outfits for my children. At one time my father surprised me with a sewing machine as an unexpected gift. I was in heaven, until one day after shopping, I came home to find the motor was removed from my machine, and my son had made a motorized cart out of it. Need I say more???



As the children grew, left for college, went in the service, etc. I began my mission and have been fulfilling my dream ever since. Of late, my husband insisted on buying me a more sophisticated sewing machine, and encouraged me to have a website, since I have been selling to friends, and customers at various events.

My purses, handbags and totes all have a personality of their own. I like to create bags for “every season” and also “every reason”. I am selective in my fabric purchases, and pay a great deal of attention to detail. All bags can be ordered over shoulder, crossbody or hand held "purse" swing style. No two will ever be identical, since they are handcrafted, and not commercial constructed. I feel as though I have been stricken with Artistic ADHD, and the only medication for that is bolts of fabric, needles, thread, and of course a sewing machine!!!!


To send me a message, click on Grandma's Machinethe Contact tab at the bottom of any page in the store. 

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